Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Club and Bookwallah -- Lesson and Challenge

I joined a book club this afternoon. Not one made up of women from my office or neighbors from the next street down. Nope. Because I’m a writer who writes for kids…I joined a kids’ book club.

No better way to learn what kids are looking for in books – and better yet – to hear what they say about books after they’ve read them, right? I hope so! I’m counting on these girls (yes, they are all girls, despite my repeated suggestion that they invite some of the opposite sex to attend) to help me reach a little deeper into the psyche of the tween.

One of my challenges in my writing has always been dialog, so I hope that sitting quietly, listening to them chat about stories will give me some good fodder for future scenes and realistic dialog. But – for heaven’s sake! – someone clue me in quickly if I start using “like” every third word! Please!

I watched these 11 year old girls flip their shiny hair and twirl their cell phones around on the table while we made decisions about the first book we’re going to discuss. Now I’m at home, and opened up Huffington Post to read the Book news section. I was drawn to the blog entry (see link below) about Bookwallah—an organization that puts books in the hands of orphans.

Now, all I can think is how lucky my kids are. How lucky we all are – and how blessed we are the first time someone hands us a book of our very own. My kids were too young to remember that moment, but in my mother-heart, I can imagine the look in the eyes of a child old enough to know what they hold in their hands. The dreams. The possibilities. The hope and joy. Between the covers of a book.

Check out the article here…and visit the organization at www.bookwallah.org. There are lots of ways to contribute. Dust off a book from your shelf or go get the one you know is hiding under your kid's bed. You know...that one they'll never read again? Visit Bookwallah and find out how to get it to a kid who needs it.

Let’s put stories in the hands of kids…especially those who need a story of their very own.

Bookwallah Gives Books to the Orphans of the World by James M. Lynch

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  1. Yes!! Too, for those kids who can't explain it, but instinctively know that where they are is not where they are meant to be, books provide a place to go.

    As you say, they need a story of their very own. Chaptered maps can help them find the way! Who wouldn't want to help someone else find the treasure of place/story in this world?

    Thanks for highlighting a way to do that!