Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inspiration at a time of need...

If you ever wake up one morning and decide you need a good dose of inadequacy in your life, have I ever got a tip for you:

Try picking up the beautiful book A Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman – reading it in big gulps, gasping for breath as you fall in love (and hate) with Kings and Queens, with courtiers and knights in shining armor and their stories. Then…only after the last page is read and you’ve closed the back cover…pick up your current work in progress.


Nothing like consciously trying to NOT compare yourself to other writers, right? Oh yes… my middle grade fantasy seems oh so lovely now that I have King Richard III and his court charging through my head. In Ms. Penman’s lovely, lyrical voice.

*Sigh* again.

OK – Seriously. I’m not the first writer to float on this kind of wave of inadequacy, right? So if you are there with me (or ever have been there) – here are some words of inspiration from a couple of world-class storytellers. And here’s the great part – they DON’T WRITE BOOKS! So no comparing your current work with anything they’ve done, ok? Just not right.

Enjoy – and keep writing!

(Word to the wise -- Mr. Stanton uses some rather adult language...)