Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rory's Story Cubes

I was wandering through the toy aisles at Target the other day, waiting for my son to choose a birthday present for a friend. In the section with the smaller, travel-sized games and card decks, I did a double-take.

Have you seen these?
If not – and if you are a writer, you MUST go find them right now. No matter your age…if you love stories, like writing, want to entertain your kids or yourself or just like to toss dice…this game is a winner.

9 cubes. 54 images. 10 million combinations. Infinite stories.

Heck yeah!!

Go on. Stop reading this right now. Set your coffee cup down and shut your laptop. Get your keys.

You’ll thank me later.   


Still here?
Seriously. Go… Then come home and play. Post your story in the comments below. I dare you!